Fish Stories

There have been plenty of fish stories in our life time. The most common being a tale about the one that got away. The other is a story of encouragement and opportunity - Becoming a BIG fish in a SMALL pond.

In the business world, what does it really mean to be “a big fish in a small pond?” The markets in which businesses position themselves are much the same as a pond analogy.

If you raised tropical fish as a child you might remember the first goldfish that didn’t grow very big in a small goldfish bowl. It was the biggest fish in the bowl but not too much can be said for its growth potential. Put that same goldfish in a Koi pond and they grow almost ten times larger.

Does that mean its better being a whale-size fish in the Pacific Ocean? Not when you consider their predators and other obstacles.

While businesses see the benefit of mass market appeal, the cost to get there can be exponential. You might be better with a dominant position in a smaller (or niche) market. More importantly, a market that provides the necessary substance and growth.

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