There are many techniques to expanding your garden, especially if you have some great plants you’d like to multiply or breed.

As a business grows and becomes more diversified or self-reliant, it may be necessary to thematically segment the business by process or product line. The creation of a new product line, production area, or separate facility is often the result.

The stock (existing plant) and scion (new stem) are the two most important elements that when combined can create a whole new area of growth and supplemental harvest. This growth by acquisition is usually a very strategic play in the corporate world but can be equally as effective in small business.

Two independent businesses may be barely surviving for a variety of reasons but their activities, resources and markets might be very complimentary to each other. They could capitalize on a better product offering in an existing market or broaden the market to a wider base. The key to success is not going too far astray from established core business strengths.