A Body Of Minds

A key benefit of collective minds is the ability to provide practical information to those in need.

The individuals invited into The Positioning Consortium share one common trait, the ability to do things differently. We all hear about thinking outside the box but my associates here don’t believe in boxes or barriers.

When visiting with US Olympic Mens gymnast
John Roethlisberger’s family In 1994 while in Minneapolis, I will never forget the poster on John’s bedroom wall, The man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there, he had to climb.

We’ve all had our mountains to climb, our fair share of peaks and valley’s. We can all relate to the roller coaster ride of success and failure. The bigger challenge is how we get back on the horse after falling off a few times. It takes guts and perseverance to stay on top, even getting there in the first place can be challenging.

If you find this website a little rough around the edges, don’t worry, while many website developers keep a site offline until its absolutely perfect, our approach was to treat this site like a house and build shelter as quick as we could.

We started with an empty lot, sketched out the site plans and laid down a foundation. The nice thing about websites is they are easier to change and update versus a brick and mortar building.

Our goal is to add blogs, provide access to articles, finish the garden shed where all the tools will be, hopefully you get the picture. We invite you to come back on a regular basis. If you want to participate as a member of our network, we invite you to join
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Mick Long